Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences consists of the departments of Economics, Management, Political Science and International Relations, International Trade, Banking and Finance, and Public Relations and Advertising. Education commenced in the Departments of Economics, and Management in 1997, in the Department of International Trade in 1998, in the Department of Political Science and International Relations in 2001, in the Department of Banking and Finance in 2012, in the department of Public Relations and Advertising in 2017. Our experienced faculty members work devotedly to educate our students in their respective fields of study.


The objectives of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences are to educate the students to occupy managerial positions, enable them to determine problems and find solutions to those problems, enable them to recognize the behavior and reactions of the individuals and the society, enable them to follow and analyze the changes that occur in global context, equip them with teamwork and leadership skills, make them care about human values, and equip them with necessary skills demanded by today’s managerial and political environment. Within the framework of these objectives, our Faculty prepared the academic programs in compliance with national and international standards.

Our experienced faculty members support our students in every field to make them qualified professionals who can combine national values with international values and occupy leadership positions in business and politics. We encourage our students to join projects conducted jointly with the University and the businesses as well as with the public organizations. These projects provide our students the opportunity to become familiar with the industry while they pursue their university education as well as they provide them the opportunity to find solutions to business problems.

You can visit the web pages of the departments to get detailed information about the programs.